Loss of son

Hi I’ve just lost my beautiful son he was 32, I feel so empty and broken how do I deal with this, if I smile when I have my grandkids I feel so guilty if I forget for a little I feel guilty has anyone else felt like this

I’m so sorry for your loss.

I know how you feel.

It is natural to feel guilty for smiling because you think “how can I feel any hint of happiness without my son “
It is ok to smile .

I wouldn’t say there are moments when you forget but are just temporarily distracted.

We need this distraction to cope with this all consuming early grief .

It will get more bearable .

Be gentle with yourself and take pleasure in your grandchildren .
They will keep you going .


Thank you so much I feel I should be crying every minute of the day I am most of it, this guilt is so hard

Our bodies can not cope with that intense physical and emotional grief long term .

I lost my son 10 weeks ago and feel guilty that I’m not crying all day every day and the feelings of despair I had initially have lessened .

It doesn’t mean I’m any less devastated. It means I’m coping somehow . xx

So sorry for your loss, I’ve never felt pain like it, his cremation is Wednesday at the moment I don’t know if I can go x

Still such early days for you .

I thought I would be able to go to my boys but I did and somehow got through it . Managed to read a poem .
It wasn’t east but I sort of went on auto pilot .

You will get through it


I will be thinking of you and your boy on Wednesday :heart:

So sorry for your loss and I know the pain you are suffering. I lost my son in March. You will find the strength for Wednesday. Sad as it sounds I had no tears at the crematorium, it was packed out but I was determined not to cry, it was a different story when I got home. We are all doing how we control our feelings…just go with it. Will be thinking of you Wednesday xx

Thank you for your kindness x

Thank you, your words have helped, your so kind bless you :heart:

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I didnt know if i would go but i did, i sat by his closed coffin the day before and thats probably the most calm ive felt in these last 6 weeks. It will be ond of the hardest day of your life ( im finding it harder after the funeral). Take care will be thinking of you


Thinking of you and your boy today :blue_heart:

In my thoughts today, we are here if you need us

Just been sat looking at the sea and thinking of you today. :heart: xx

Hi I’ve have just joined and you are the first person I’ve contacted. How are you? I know 100% how you are feeling it’s the worst kind of pain and heartache. I lost two boys earlier this year so I can feel your absolute pain. :heart:

Welcome to this forum a place where we don’t want to be but it’s a lifeline I find, I am so sorry about the loss of your two boys. No word can express the pain we feel and go through every day, this is the site where I can actually put my feelings down as no one judges you for any circumstances. Keep messaging we all help each other xx

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Thank you for your kind response I appreciate it :heart:

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