Loss of wife of 54 years

I’m tearful all the time and can’t stop crying


@David142 Hello there and sadly welcome to this site, I’m 11 moths down the line from losing my wife last November. You’re among people who fully understand what you are going through. You haven’t mentioned much about your situation but I’m assuming this is a very recent bereavement and youre struggling to come to terms with it. Things will be very raw and painful to begin with, crying is often the best way to get things out in the start. Please feel free to post whatever you want on here, theres no judgement and as I say we’ve all been where you are and know how it feels. Hope you can find the strength to keep reaching out on here, it has helped me immeasurably to have people to chat to who can relate to our situation.


It sounds like you are at the start of this journey. I want you to know you’ve been heard and you’re not alone, as we all know what it feels like and are here to listen.

The beginning is a hard place and for you, to have been blessed to have had so many years together, this is going to be so hard and a big adjustment.

You will have so many different emotions going forward and it is hard but please reach out, we have all been there, and there’s nothing you can say that we have not felt on this journey.

I’m nearly 9 months on this journey. Take a minute, hour at a time. Focus on the now and you will be ok.


@David142 I am so sorry for you . It is like the light has gone out of your life . Unless you are on this situation no one can understand the pain . I hope it gets easier for you . Take each day and the support you can get . I had diazepam in the early stages as I was in such shock . My thoughts are with you


I thought after a time thing would get better but if nothing it’s getting worse. Not a day goes by without me bursting into tears and sobbing. I can’t talk to people without crying and whilst people are understanding I can’t help feeling out of control and silly. My wife had a horrible few years before she passed away with so much pain she needed morphine on top of paracetamol and cocodamol to cope with the pain. I miss her so much.