Loss two brothers in space of three months

I lost two brothers in the space of three months. I live far away from them .I went back home in December for elder brother funeral. He died of a sudden heart attack. Left my family behind ,husband and two kids during Christmas.
I hadn’t seen my brother in 7 years.
I came back and the following week my younger brother also living back home was diagnosed with cancer. He died today.
He left it so late to tell me he had cancer.
While I was back home for our brother’s funeral he was with me every day and never told us he had cancer.
I feel disconnected and can’t cry. My grief is stuck in my stomach.
I cant go for his funeral as i caught malaria when I was there in December. I am still recovering and terrified to go back so soon after my malaria encounter
I am just a bag of nerves right now.
All my other siblings are back home grieving together. I am here grieving alone.
Communication is so expensive in that part of the world.

Dear Lovetta, I am so sorry to hear of your double loss. Please know you are not alone. I lost my brother back in January 2017. He died a horrible death from pancreatic cancer. It’s his birthday today. I am one of eight siblings and he was the first to go and it now feels like there is a piece missing from the jigsaw. To lose two brothers in such a short space of time must be awful.

Five months after losing my brother, I lost my husband to a sudden heart attack. Life’s a bitch!

I am sorry you find yourself in this place but I am glad that you have found this site. It’s invaluable. Everyone on here has some understanding of what we’re each going through. I hope you are able to find some comfort from knowing you are not alone.

Sending love and strength. Xx

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