I have lost my mum (April 2020) partner (January 2021 though he has only just been cremated) and grandpa ( March 2021). So 3 in less than a year

Dear Sandie

I am so sorry. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling having lost three important people in such a short space of time and each will have brought its own pain. Do you have other family and friends that can support you.

I am sure one of the Sue Ryder volunteers will be able to offer you advice and let you know what support is available.

Please take care. Thinking of you.


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Maybe they will if I find out how to contact them. I have a step dad who Iā€™m staying with for a little while. Thanks

Dear Sandie90

Glad you have someone there for you.

I am double your age - first time in my life that I have lived alone. We all need someone around us for support. Take care.

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Dear @Sandie90

It is good that you have joined this online community. To lose 3 people in a year is a lot to cope with. I hope that it helps you to read the posts and replies from other people like Sheila who have lost a loved one and know what it feels like, I personally have had multiple losses in the last 4 years and found it very helpful to learn from others and how they coped.

You mention that you would like to find out how to get help from Sue Ryder. There is a free online bereavement counseling service you can sign up for. Here is the link to the page that gives you all the information you need:

Do let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.



Thank u very much for the link

Dear Sandie

I am glad that you now have the link from Jo64. I will be thinking of you and wish you love, comfort and support.


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