Hello. My name is Max, I’m 25 and the last 2 years have been severely stressful and detrimental to my well being. January of 2019 I lost my father of 51 years to complications due to diabetes. I then lost my Great Grandad the following September. Then I lost my Great grandmother march of 2021 and then my Nan on my step dad’s side in June. I lost 4 people in a short space of time and sometimes it all hits at once and its hard to cope with. I feel like I’m being tested and like I don’t have the ability to process this kind of Great loss in a large dose all at once. Does anyone have advice or want to talk about something they’ve experienced that’s similar? Many thanks x

Dear Maximo96

I’m sorry to hear you have lost not just your Dad, but your great grandparents and a step Nan in such a short time. Sadly, you have faced all these losses at only twenty five. Not only is it hard to take emotionally, but has an effect on us in so many other ways.

Your father’s death must be devastating even now, for he wasn’t an old man. The loss of your relationship with him is inestimable. Those older members of a family had lived much longer, they were the lynch pins as we grew up even though we may not have appreciated it at the time. Losing those special people may have left you feeling vulnerable, but in time you will manage.

So, Max, keep posting your thoughts, there will be people on here who have been through similar situations, or who because of their own life’s experiences can offer you the support you need right now. We are all here to help in whatever way we can, and believe in that saying, ‘time does heal.’

best wishes