Nearly lost a friend 5 weeks ago and I keep dwelling on it how can I stop

Dear Jane456,

That must have been a very scary experience. Is the friend okay now? Our mind can sometimes be a bit like a recordplayer, with the needle being stuck in one place. The best thing I can suggest is to use the power of your mind to focus your thoughts on something else rather than dwell on what could have happened.

I also read your other post where you write about mising your mum and your mother in law. Maybe nearly losing your friend has brought back some of the memories of losing them? My mum died in 2017 and my mother-in-law in 2020, so I know what it feels like to lose people that are so dear to us.

It is good that you have posted on here, where people can understand what you are going through.


I now know that I won’t get better mentally or physically my friend is still alive but poorly

Sorry to hear that your friend is poorly. Will you be able to spend time with her? It sounds like you are really struggling at the moment, both mentally and physically. Do you have any support at all?

I have no support at all at the mom apart from Geoff and Cathy they are wonderful people love them too bits I hope they get better