My husband passed away 2 weeks ago… we have two children i feel upset , hurt , angry. I feel like im never going to get over this…


I’m so sorry, so young to be going through this and having young children. The early days are so hard and painful. Take it slow, just focus on the now and process things as they come up. If anyone offers help, take it.
You will survive this, you will get through. I said the same as you and I’m now 27 weeks in. The days get lighter and the pain dulls. Take it slow, hour by hour.

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Hi emma its 2 weeks for me too im sorry for your loss it hurts so much :cry: x

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Hi Emma. So sorry to read this. Two weeks is so early - I was barely able to get off the settee. I have children but they are young adults - I hope you have people who can help you out with practical stuff. If anyone offers help take it. I made the mistake of not wanting to put people out.

I am nine months in now - I can now function, but it’s not the way I used to function. I am having to adapt.

Please just try to focus on small things, on the next hour, trying to eat, making one sadmin phone call…sending you a big hug.


I lost my husband at the start of this month. We are both in our 40’s. We have two young children. He was ill for two years but his decline near the end was really rapid and he suffered a lot. Feel totally in shock still. We had his funeral last week but it still doesn’t seem real.


So sorry for your loss its 5 weeks for me still early days take each day hour by hour thats what im doing this site is really helpful x

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I have also signed up to Way widowed and young im 48 x

I have been keeping myself busy because when I stop, I just get so overwhelmed. The house is now so tidy and I have started painting the walls.

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Bless you my home doesnt feel like home at the moment its lost all the love its too quiet x

Found it really hard to process everything that happened. It felt so traumatic. And with us having two children, I have tried to suppress my feelings for so long through his illness, to keep things going for them. They are off on summer holidays until next week. It’s so hard for us all. But they do keep me going and keep me from crumbling under it all.

I can imagine once they return to school maybe you can sit and have a good cry my gp told me to not hold it back as it doesnt help i too was traumatised having to do cpr life is just so cruel :broken_heart:

Oh my heart goes out to you too. X

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Keep talking on here it will help x