Losso f my mum

I lost my mum on 29th April 2023 ive not grieved for until now and i think things that have gone off at work have tipped me over the edge and just feel totally lost without my mum to talk too

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I am here to talk if you need someone to rant too. I’ve just recently lost my mum on 6th august and it doesn’t seem real. I don’t think I have even grieved yet which may be partly down to denial I’m not too sure

Think im the same ive been trying show I’m strong in front of everyone as i dont want my dad to see me crumble

I get how you feel. I don’t like my dad seeing that I’m upset but sometimes I can’t help it. Often when I’m alone with my thoughts driving to work I let it out, not because I’m keeping it in and hiding it but I have time to think without being distracted

Just lost my Dad and feeling the same. A few kind souls at work have been fabulous but the majority of people just ignore my loss. Also senior management have been just awful. Looking for a new start, just don’t need the stress.