Lost a friend

Hope this isn’t too long, just have some things I need to share. An extremely close friend I kept in touch with for years online (we lived in different states in the United States) recently passed away. We kept in touch every day and this person was the person I felt closest to. In fact I could say this person was as close to a soulmate as anyone I’d met. I still feel shocked, still find myself thinking of some things I should share with my friend then realizing I can’t do that any more. Don’t really know how to describe how I feel right now.


Hi @Joe1980
The sad loss of your friend is clearly a shock to you. Sending hugs of support.

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Hi @Joe1980 - sorry to hear you lost your friend. I too lost a very close friend to cancer, her diagnosis came very suddenly and she was diagnosed stage 4 (she was 32 when she passed away). We also didn’t live close by but kept in regular touch for over 10 years, I would message her about any little thing like if I got a new haircut or drew/doodled something…any random little thing. She passed away in April 2022 and I too still feel shocked and can’t quite believe it happened. I also still come across so many things and think ‘oh I should sent this to her’ - I know how you feel, I found it a very lonely experience when she was ill and also once she passed, no one around me quite understood how it felt/feels. Sending hugs too

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Thanks. You described how I feel perfectly. Still trying to process the loss.

Thank you so much.

You’re not alone (I hope that provides some support to you) - if you have any contact with your friend’s family, that may help - I’ve sent my friend’s mum some messages, even if it’s just an heart on whatsapp on days like Christmas Day

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