Lost and alone

Hello again
I am so sorry if you are experiencing the pain of losing your child. It is 3 years since my daughter took her life by hanging. Thought I was getting to grips with the grief but the pain is back so strong and I have nowhere to go with it. Family dismiss any talk. For them its over and I should be ok now. I feel so so heartbroken still.


Your message makes me extremely sad. What you went through is extremely traumatic, and I can only hope that things get easier for you and that your family realise the pain you are going through and are there for you, because you deserve it.

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Hiya moggies I’m so sorry for your loss and whether it be 3 days or 3 years of the loss of your daughter your grief will always be there godbless you I’m struggling to with the loss of my 18 year old son Taylor he was and still is my world he was brutally stabbed to death 4 months ago and by someone we knew now the evil man is claiming to be insane so they will be a trial soon and I will ave to be a witness I’m finding out bit by bit the extent of my beautiful boys injuries they were really bad I’m struggling to eat sleep and function the doctors gave me diazepam at the beginning now they ave taken them off me so I have no clue how I will get through the trial let alone through the days everything is much harder now but I have to stay strong for my other little boy who is only 7 I wish you all the best and truly hope u feel better soon as I know the pain that eats u up every single day God bless you xxx

Thanks for message from you both
I feel so bad for you. You touched my heart with your message. How dreadful for you and your family. My thoughts are with you xxx

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I feel the same. My husband is getting on with his life but I miss my son everyday. He died in November. I’m finding it hard to find joy in anything. My life is a shadow now. It’s beige.
You need to grieve as long as it takes and don’t feel shame over your sadness. There is no timeline on grief.

Hi Maggie it is 30 years since I lost my little girl she was8 I still feel has if it’s to day my son hung him self 5 weeks ago I am heartbroken Broken no words can say it feels unreal I know only have 2 children left I lost my partner he went fishing my best friend hung her self some one killed my brother I don’t think I’m human to go through all of this it stays with you for ever we always think we will go first our children are our lives any time you won’t a shoulder to cry on I am here for you big hug Gail x