Lost and broken

6 weeks ago I lost my partner of 36 years , after 16 years of battling ill health and caring for him , he was taken suddenly on the 29th November , I just feel so lost and alone , he was all I’ve known since I was 17 years old , the thought of being on my own is a scary place , I had to go back to work full time last week , it’s draining putting on a front , watching everyone’s lives carrying on whilst silently screaming inside , coming home is incredibly painful as he was always sat waiting for me , nothing feels the same , crying myself to sleep every night , there is a painful emptiness all around , that split second you wake and you realise you have to face another day , we were incredibly blessed with 5 children and 6 grandchildren they have been so strong and amazing but seeing them and their heartbreak knowing I can’t make this better is too much , I’m now feeling angry which I know is all part of the grief process.

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I can completely empathise with you it’s that lost feeling like I don’t understand the world anymore. If I didn’t have children I wouldn’t want to be here anymore I feel like I want to go and find him .


Was it this xmas eve you lost your partner ? You are in such early days. You will still be in shock. Take really good care of yourself and do as much pampering as you can at this stage xx

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Yes reading what you wrote reminds me. :pray: for you

yes it was x

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