Lost and Fighting Alone

I lost the man I considered my Dad last year. Since then I’ve carried on like nothing has happened. Lately I’ve been flawed completely by it all, I’ve sought support from a counsellor but struggling between sessions. I just don’t know what I’m meant to do, surely after this much time it’s meant to be easier but it’s not, feeling worse than ever at the moment and not sure how to move forward and carry on with everything. Working all the hours under the sun to get away from it but slowly burning out. Know this is a battle I have to fight but can’t do it alone. Hope this makes sense

Hi sorry for your loss there is no time limit for grief I lost my partner in May he was only 48 some days I’m ok and some days are bad I can only say take one day at a time. Get as much support as you can grief comes in waves and can knock us off our feet I don’t think we get over it we have to live with it.
Take care
Christine x

Thanks for taking the time to respond.
I’ve recently started counselling for it, but had to change after 3 sessions as the counsellor announced there was nothing else she could do. Luckily was able to find someone new fairly quickly. Finding things more difficult at the moment and feeling run down with working far to much to avoid the situations. Always seems to be apologising as well as pushing people away.