Lost and lonely

How do you cope when you no longer want to be here I feel so lost and alone


Hi @Scubananna - Hopefully you’ve made a step in the right direction as we’ve all got lots of questions after suffering loss (my partner died 3 months ago) and you won’t feel quite so alone as you get to know us on these forums. Sue Ryder offers counselling (Online Bereavement Counselling Service | Sue Ryder), your GP might also be able to refer you for some face to face counselling and there are a lot of good people using this forum that have helped with some great advice. Do you have friends or family around you that are supporting you? My partner died after a long illness and I think I went through part of the grieving process during the last year of her life when she was told she was terminal. (I’ve come to learn that it’s a lot different for people when they suffer the sudden death of a loved one) and to try and answer your question I think I cope because I know my partner wanted me to have a life after ‘us’ so I do my best (not always succeeding) to move forward. It’s early days, I know I’ll slip up along the way but I think that life can go on although I’m not quite sure what it will be like over the next 12 months or so. Best Wishes to you.

To be honest, you just do. You take small steps and you walk slowly through the pain.
My partner died suddenly January 23. I just feel I have to face things head on and just walk through each day. Family, work, friends they have all been amazing but nothing helps. You just have to go through it.

At the beginning I didn’t want to live and the pain was so bad I wanted to die just to be free of it. Now, the pain is different, I miss my partner so much, it’s a physical pain but nothing I do will bring him back.

I just have to put one foot in front of the other and live what life I have to fulfill. There’s a reason I’m still here, I just don’t know what that reason is yet.

I’m sorry you find yourself in this club, no one wants to join it but we all support each other within it.


I have no idea. I’m exactly the same, it will have been six weeks Wednesday for me. I’ll be at home just walking around the house and desperately wanting him back. How can I still not understand that he’s gone and it’s forever at this point? I still can’t get it into my head that he’s gone. I’m so lost. Visitors don’t really help at this point, I don’t actually feel like talking about anything other than my OH right now,nothing else really interests me and I think everyone is getting a bit fed up of me to be honest.

I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do in life now. We didn’t have children, my family are all either dead or not around. My friends are great but they all have children and or partners of their own.
I’m just alone in this house that we both worked so hard to make perfect for us and now he’s gone. I just don’t know what to do with myself now :confused:

I hope we both feel a little better soon :crossed_fingers:

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Hi there, am feeling the exact same.
I have been struggling alone too long now and feel like time to give up.
I just want you to know I feel your pain and hoplessness its a horrible place to be. X


Sorry for the loss of your mam. I think there’s a lot of us feeling the same :confused:
How long ago did your mam pass?