Lost both my parents in a car accident

Nine and 1/2 months ago my parents both died single-vehicle accident. I am struggling more then I feel I should be. I am going to see my family doctor this week but I found this site and thought I would take a look around. It looks like I’m not alone in my feelings of grief and aloneness.

Hi HeidiD
I.m so sorry to hear about the terrible death of yours parents. It’s very cruel they were taken together. I too have now lost both parents within a couple of years of each other as well as 2 brothers so I.m no stranger to grief. Grief is a cruel thing and takes no prisoners I.m afraid, one day you can be ok and coping well and the next you don’t want to get put of bed and feel so lonely. We just have to bear it I.m afraid and even nearly a year later I often feel overwhelmed by it still so there is no time limit on it Heidi and if you feel the need to go to your doctor then do it. The helps out there so use it and hopefully each day will be better than the last. Take care x

Oh Heidi,

I am so sorry to read your post. What an awful shock and trauma you have been through.

I lost my mum one year after losing my dad but it was expected as it was terminal cancer so the idea of such a sudden shock like you went through is horrid to hear.

You are doing the right thing. Reaching for help wherever you can. I really recommend using this forum as we all understand here and why not ask your doctor for counselling too.

Be kind to yourself and be proud that you are doing something positive about your grief and reaching out for help.

It is a very lonely place not having your parents but you are with friends who understand here.

Keep posting. Xx

Ann x

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