Lost both of my older siblings

Back in 2008 my older sister was murdered, I have never really dealt with her death. Fast forward to the beginning of March 2019 and my older brother passed away following complications after a bone marrow transplant. I’m really struggling to focus, motivating my self to get up in the mornings… does anybody have any advice with this? I have booked myself in for counselling beginning week commencing 6/5/19

Hello Tjsisley, I am so sorry about the losses you have endured. I lost a sibling too. It sounds like you are dealing with “compounded grief.” The loss of your sister (in such a horrific manner) surely will be triggered by your most recent loss. You say it has never been dealt with, thus now you will be grieving for both siblings. I understand how overwhelmed you must be feeling. My younger, most beloved sister, died a year ago in May. I held her hand as the CPR failed, and she flat lined in front of me. She had cancer, but was doing well until one tragic night, when everything changed forever. Like you , I too struggled to face another day. Losing a sibling is losing a part of ourselves, and our history. We were also robbed of the future we would have had with them.
Your loss is so fresh, you are probably still in shock and disbelief. In the beginning I was in a trance, and in denial. I wish I could give you a magic answer. All I can say is take care of yourself now, and surround yourself only with those who will support and acknowledge your pain. Councelling and support groups can be very helpful, as well as posting here. We need a forum to speak our feelings, and you will find that here. I know there are others on this site who lost a sibling and can help. I am here for you as well. Please let us know how you are doing. With caring thoughts, Sister2 Xxx