Lost both parents within 18 months

I lost my lovely mum to NAFLD in June 2020 and was unable to be with her due to Covid restrictions. I saw my Dad in his final week of life in January 2022 - sadly he died due to lung cancer 2 weeks ago - which was very traumatic to witness. I’m not sure how to deal with these losses. I don’t think its registered yet. Has anyone here experience such close significant losses? I’ve requested counselling at the local hospice, but in the meantime, I can’t work any of it out in my head. After years of worrying about their health, what do I do now? There are so many voids left behind.


No words can express how sorry I am to hear of your tragic losses so close together and no wonder you can’t get your head round them.
I haven’t had the same situation really but I lost my auntie who was also my godmother in Jan 2020 and lost my mum (her sister) in Dec just passed. As they were both my most favourite people that ever lived I am still reeling. However I was fortunate enough to be able to see them both unlike yourself so I am so sorry to read that.

I contacted my local branch of Cruse and Sue Ryder for counselling and am waiting list so perhaps they may be able to help.
I also find a lot of people on here are very helpful, insightful and non-judgmental so speak how you feel and someone will be here to offer a listening ear which helps.

Take care of yourself,

Suzanne x

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Hi Dolly242,
I lost both my parents within 15 months of each other, both died very suddenly.
My dad had a cardiac arrest while standing in the kitchen, mam found him dead on the kitchen floor. It was so horrendous for her. I was so heartbroken but had to be strong for mam, She took a while but eventually got stronger. She then went into hospital for an angiogram, it should have been an overnight stay but the hospital messed up, they didn’t stop mams blood thinners before surgery and she bled to death. We were expecting her to come home, had her Christmas presents waiting for her.
I never got to say goodbye to either of my parents and I loved them both so much.
We held mams funeral the day before Christmas eve, she has been gone just a few weeks and I am struggling. Why didn’t I get the chance to say goodbye. Why did the hospital let my precious mam die. She always told me I am strong like her but I don’t feel it, I really don’t.