Lost dad 15 days ago

I lost my dad15 days ago after he was in and out of hospital for the last 4 months after being diagnosed with guillane barre syndrome. He was rushed into hospital and was put in an induced coma as he had covid . We were given the option of turning his machine off and allowing him to die peacefully or for him to have a tracheotomy to see if they could take him off the machine which was unlikely to happen . We got a call 5 days later and said we needed to get to hospital where we were there for dad taking his last breath . For dads stay in hospital both me and my sister spent everyday at the hospital and now we both feel lost and as though it isn’t real .

Hi Ciarabella
Sorry to hear about your Dad. My Mum passed away in March and I exactly know how you feel. It will take time I have good days and bad days. Keep talking to each other and reach out to your family and friends.
From Katz

So sorry for your loss I have lost mum in March and don’t what to do mum had covid then developed pneumonia and mum had copd I caught covid from mum and couldn’t go see her till I was negetive I got in the day mum I added away but never got to spk to her ever again am absolutely heart broken

I totally understand how you are feeling as I had Covid and I couldn’t see my parents and my lovely Mum passed away before I had a chance to say goodbye the day that I was going to see her my negative test day was the day she passed away early hrs of that morning, which was so upsetting as I managed to avoid Covid for the last two years.

Yeah I just can’t cope me and mum avoided covid for last 2 years we never went out much because of covid as was so scared of her catching it but a carer went in who had it and passed it onto mum and treats how I caught it I get so angry as mum was doing ok and that carer should never had been in mums I no if she hasn’t got covid mum would still ne here as hospital said it was the covid that took her in the end and that was her biggest fear catching covid and going into hospital and never coming out and that’s what happened am so lost without her just don’t no what to do x x