Lost dad and MIL within 24hrs in October

My dad had been poorly with COPD emphysema poorly heart and lungs for years but was admitted to hospital mid October with what turned out to be lung/liver cancer. He died two weeks later. My husbands mum had Alzheimer’s for years and had been poorly. He came straight down to comfort me the day died only to wake up next morning to find out she had passed away.
Was so hard and upsetting. During this time my mum had an emergency brain shunt.
I was ok the first month then the funerals and then Christmas. So it’s really only just starting to hit me and I’m off work with grief at the moment.
But my husband is now showing grief for his mum and he shows it by going quiet and wanting to be left alone whereas I cry. We just can’t be there for each other it seems.
Any advice would be welcome.