Lost dad

I lost my beloved dad 3 days ago and I can’t seem to think about anything else I miss him so much and don’t think I will ever feel happy again , I’m 55 years old and dad was 85 and he’s had so many healthy problems over the last years including Parkinson’s disease but finally a urinary infection leading to sepsis killed him , I’m feeling so many emotions and I jnist miss him so much, I saw him everyday really has he and my mum lived opposite me .I know it’s early yet I just feel so so sad

I’m so sorry to read about your dad, I feel exactly like you so so sad. My dad died 6 days ago of liver cancer aged 89, like you it’s hard to imagine life without him. Sending you much love at this very difficult time, one day at a time xx

Thank you so much and the same to you the joy of loving means the pain of loss it’s just so hard

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