Lost future

I have been with my partner for 9 years, we only got married in July this year and he passed away in October. We only had 3 months together as a married couple and we were both so excited to start married life together. We also spoke about children and decided to start a family next year. I just can’t beleive that this future has been so cruelly taken away from us. I feel jealous of everyone who speaks about being married for so many years. I find it heartbreaking when people say that their children helped them to carry on because I will never have this now. I really don’t see the point of living. He is my soul mate, best friend and the love of my life and nothing makes sense without him.


Dear Bwhy

I so sorry for the loss of your partner and so soon after being married. Life is cruel and there are no answers as to why this cruelty suddenly happens.

Do you have immediate family and close friends you can talk to? The way you are feeling is perfectly normal as your loss is very recent. Have you considered talking to the Samaritans or Cruse Bereavement as to how you are feeling as they can help you.

Sadly you were only married for 3 months but you have 9 years of memories to carry in your heart forever and wherever you go. Hold on to those memories. Take care. x