Lost husband to suicide

Hi, im new here & lost my husband to suicide 5mths ago, im now in my own in house most days my kuds are adults & have their own homes, i do talk to them on regular basis but dont want to be a burden on them, i can be ok one day & a total mess the next lately i have just been constantly in tears & finding it harder as days go on not easier


Hi Shelly12. I’ve only just read your post and see no one has replied to you. Welcome to this community. Everyone on here has lost someone they loved. My partner passed away last Oct. from cancer. We’d been together for 28 years. I have found posting on here has helped me just sometimes by writing things down knowing people in similar circumstances will read it and sometimes offer really good advice. Keep posting on here you will get nothing but support. I am truly sorry for your loss. Best wishes. Peter.

Hi @peterj,thank you so much for responding to my post , im very sorry to hear about your partner as well .

Hi, pleased you have found us and Peter as told you all about us. We are here to help and support you on this horrible journey of grief but never feel alone. Both of you take care and look after yourselves. S xx

@SusieM thank you

Hi Shelly

Sending you virtual hugs, I’m in the same position as you 6 months past, visitors are long gone, phone calls are far and few between but I try to make an effort to visit friends etc and it makes me feel better albeit just for a short time xxx

Hi @Michelle1964, im so sorry to hear this & yes i agree about visitors & phone calls ect but i do understand people have their own ljfes ect to be getting on with, just never thought it would be so hard as what it is, im trying to take each day as it comes some days easier tgan others, im glad your managing to get out & visit friends when you can