Lost husband

Need to make friends

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So sorry about your husband aly.we all on here will be your friend.we are all in the same painful plight.I lost my darling girl from cancer in October.and I am finding it excruciatingly hard to carry on living.if it wasn’t for my granddaughter who lives with me I probably would not be here.the intense pain is unendurable for me.love annette

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Thank you for replying, if it wasn’t for my son and my gorgeous dog i don’t know where i would be. I am just numb and so empty xx


Dear aly.wish I had a dog but cannot have one because of my housing policy.live in a high rise twobedroomed flat.and pets are not allowed.I feel the need to hold a living thing.we had plans me and my girl .now they are all shattered to bits.my dearest daughter died through medical negligence.she would be alive today .if they the NHS down here had done there job properly I have it in black and white from a professor.it is going to court…which makes it doubly heartwhrenching. Hugs to you.Annette.

Oh no i bet awful for you. My husband died of a brain tumor, had one in 2002 and then another grew in 2016 which took his life this January, i can’t even eat properly as no appetite. I feel sad nearly all the time, i have a 19 yr son who is my rock but he is at college most of the time, i need to get out i know and meet friends but it scares me…

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Hello Aly. We’re all friends here. All going through our own personal hell. All riding down this road to wherever… Keep in touch… John

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Hi John thanks for your message, what has happened in your life? Its an awful feeling I’ve got, i can’t sleep or eat properly and afraid to be on my own…

Hi Aly

I am so sorry for your loss, my husband passed away suddenly in 2003 at the age of 26 so I can relate to the way you are feeling, I added a post yesterday “Over a decade later”. Amongst a whole lot of emotions I also couldn’t eat or sleep and was afraid of being on my own. Other than your son do you have a support network, relatives or close friends?


Hello again Aly

My lovely wife of 46yrs passed 6 weeks ago, from MND. I have 3 grown up kids, who like your son, are my rocks. Grief seems to affect different people in different ways. For me, i do eat ok, and sleep ok now. I do like to have company of family around, and when they leave, it all becomes evident of the emptiness, and loneliness that there is now. …John

Hi aly so sorry for your loss, my lovey wife passed Dec and my eldest daughter august last year, year from hell now all alone have 2 daughters and 7 grandchildren were all suffering, thank god for this site, suffering from terrible anxiety now any body else like this seeing doc soon for meds as can’t really function at moment.

Sorry to hear your plight Micky. Sounds awful. Sometimes the evenings and weekends are unbearable, so empty without the love of your life missing. No words can put things right, its something i suppose, we have to ride out. There are it seems no quick answers. Hope you find some comfort here on this site…stay strong…John.

Thank you john sometimes wonder how long I can last with this, but do have 2 lovely daughters and 7 grandchildren to keep eye on me, this really is the pitts Micky.

Hi Aly I lost my beloved husband of 46 years 3 months ago and I feel so lonely. I have one daughter who still lives at home but is out at work. I do have friends and a wonderful sister who comes every day but I cannot explain just how I feel - I want to go out but at the same time its such an effort some days to just get out of bed. Hope we can help each other xx

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Thank you for your message, i feel at my age of 49 i really don’t want to start again, i feel no man will ever come close to what we had, i feel .lonely, scared and have money troubles so i feel very low most days. People say time is a good healer, but when will it get any better for me???

I’ve been reading all these messages especially yours and can relate to them all. I lost my husband to cancer 5 weeks ago and feel totally lost. He was my best friend who I turned to for everything. We did so much together and had hoped for a long retirement together. I keep asking the same question will the pain ease with time? How do you pick up the pieces and carry on?
I have faith, faith in God which keeps me going.