Lost husband

At 04:05 on New Year’s Eve 2022 I woke up to my husband lifeless beside me. My world has just stopped. I can bear to sleep in a real bed, rather a couch that flattens out. He was my world. We were only together 10 years, but he was retired and I work from home, so we were together 24/7.
Now I feel like the most precious thing in my life is gone. Crochet has kept me sane, but I really miss his giggle when I showed him a finished amigurumi project. I miss his humour, the fact that he watched that bloody show Benidorm over and over till I bought headphones to block out the noise, I miss fighting over who was the best captain in star trek. I miss everything.


We are all on the same journey, some of us further on than others 7 weeks on sunday for me. It gets harder and lonelier. Sending hugs to you xx