Lost Love...

Lost love of my life in September…it was a long road but time has sort of stopped for me. This feeling of loss has left me lost…im functioning but only just by being chemically propped up by my GP. Love is a terrible emotion…it has no understanding of death…it continues regardless of loss…her name was Diane…she was my wife and my best friend.


we’re born alone and we die alone. the value of the space in between is trust and love.
my heart goes out to you.


@Kev67 sorry for your loss. My husband passed away in April this year from cancer. There is a lot of support to be found on this site from people who understand what losing a partner is really like. I hope you find it helps. Take care.

I truly feel for you . My wife was everything to me . At one point I lost my job and my father very close together and as a result suffered anxiety and my darling girl got me through . She was a trained nurse when I lost her. The anxiety retuned .ended up on meds then I remembered my wife’s words and help . And did away with the crutch of drugs . Now the only medication I use are my walking boots as a brisk walk dose it for me when I feel down . Which is quite offen unfortunately . All the best to you !!


Hi kev i can relate to that i lost my wife to cancer on 26th November this year i miss her dearly. I relise early days for me but this group is to let things out in away thats good for u .but i really am sorry for ur lose .one thin i got told think of ur.life a snake all curled up with grife ur life will come back slowly and when dose like snake it will be straight and ull lern how to deal with it all .im still griving like said above thats wher im at i hope this sound right rember this grop is to help lern about life how we handal this stroug grop is very powerful take car my friend lets all lern together be strong grop j g

I am so sorry for your loss and I understand what you are going through. I lost my soulmate, my everything too, almost 8 months ago. He was a beautiful human being that I had the privilege to share 37 blissful years with.
My counsellor said to me “grief is the price of love, the more you love the harder you grieve”. I agree!
I feel very sorry that he didn’t get a chance to retire as we had planned our retirement just before he passed. I think about him every single day, miss him so terribly and love him even more than ever!
I hope you gradually find strength to get through this somehow. It’s hard but it will get better someday.
Please take good care of yourself if you can x

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