Lost mum 3 months ago

After a turbulent 4 months my beloved mum passed away at home with me by her side looking after her 24/7 in the final weeks, we wouldn’t have had it any other way we were so close. I now understand that alot of the last few months have been autopilot, but now as I’ve slowed down and with restrictions due to covid19 I feel the last week has been harder for me.
Memories of mums last few weeks keep popping into my head, last conversations with her lucid and not lucid. Quite emotional really I feel empty without her guiding me,

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Marang, I’m so sorry for the loss of you Mum. I know how it feels, as I lost my Mum suddenly six months ago from pneumonia and a sudden heart attack. Covid19 is a serious additional added stress.
It’s a difficult time in so many respects. Hang in there.
Have you got any family or friends who’ve been supportive?

Yes being restricted with lockdown just has made me face the time I have to think now just trying to keep as busy as I can.Have some support I’d have been lost without it recently tbh.