Lost mum 3 weeks ago

Hello. I have on here to talk to people going through what I am now going through. I lost my mum three weeks ago and I really don’t know how to go on and cope without her.
She was my life.
She had Parkinson’s and Dementia and the last few years have been heartbreaking.
I saw her alot and took her out and alsorts. Now she is gone and I don’t know what to do.
I’m ok for abit and then suddenly will come over with emense grief and then just cry and cry.
I miss her so much, how are you supposed to carry on.
Mother’s Day tomorrow, just want to sleep till Monday :sob::broken_heart:

Hi Monica

Many of us on this site chat every day and understand. I lost my beloved mum very suddenly last june. She ran my household, did all my childcare and was so fit and strong for 74.
Then out of the blue she had a mini stroke followed by a massive stroke 11 days later which killed her within a few hours.
I’m sorry but what the hell? I’m still shocked each day when I walk through the front door and she isnt there telling me to hurry up because she is dishing up, or at 4.30 am when she is isnt making us both a cup of tea.
How have I got through the last 9 months?
I dont know but somehow I’m still here and i promise you will get through too. Take it one day at a time.
Cheryl x

Hello Monica12, I’m sorry that your lost your Mum recently. I’m glad you’ve found this site, as the people are lovely and supportive.
I lost my Mum 5 and half months ago very suddenly of a heart attack and pneumonia. My best advice is take in day by day and on bad days hour by hour. I’m sure you are feel very raw at the moment. I miss my Mum dreadfully too.
It’s not easy and the present pandemic just ups the stress and anxiety.
Take care, rest often and keep posting.

Hi Cheryl
Sorry to hear about your mum, must of been such a shock.
So hard her being in your house so much, must feel very empty.
My mum was in a nursing home and had been for 5 years, but I visited and spent so much time with her. It’s so hard not seeing her even though the last 8 months she has been really bad. At least she was there to go and see even if she didn’t know I was there.
I know people say time heals but at the moment I can’t stop crying, I feel like my chest/heart is broken and will never mend💔

Sorry to hear about your mum must of been such a shock.
Even though I knew she didn’t have long left my heart is broken and don’t feel it will ever mend.
The feeling of loss is horrendous. One minute you are ok and then you see her face and feel awful that she isn’t here anymore :broken_heart:

Thank you for your kind words Monica12.
I recognise every word you say. It is all shockingly painful and sad, but we will all eventually get to a point where it feels less raw. It will take time.

Hi Monica
It doesnt matter what our circumstances are, we have still lost our mums and it’s awful.
Both daffy and I lost our dads 20 odd years ago and agree this is far worse.
Keep chatting when you feel you want or need to x

Hi Monica . I’m so sorry about your mum and for you. My mum passed last July 3 weeks after cancer diagnosis. It has been he most devastating time of my life. Like you I was very close to my mum. I don’t really have any answers. I have one particular friend who has lost her parents and husband and who gave me the best advice. Take one day at a time be kind and look after yourself. Cry, scream whatever you need to do. You are not weak you are grieving . You will go through different emotions and that’s ok and normal. I thought I was going crazy, weird nightmares, seeing my mum , such unbearable pain and three were days I didnt leave the house or want to talk to anyone. If you have good friends then lean on them. See your GP if you feel you need to but never think you are alone or going mad. The pain is so awful I know and it doesn’t go . I still cant believe shes gone even now. I get totally what you are saying . All my love xx

Sorry to hear of the loss of your mum especially at such a bad time.
It’s unbearable the pain and loss you feel isn’t it :frowning:
People have said it is still raw and although the pain doesn’t go away you learn to cope.
It’s hard to believe she is gone :broken_heart:

Hi, I’m new to all this after losing my mum a week and a half ago. She was only referred at the end of Jan for suspected cancer and now she is no longer with us. In a state if shock, disbelief and sadness. She was only 69. She was in a lot of pain at the end which has traumatised me. Please say things get better…

Hi Sarah. So sorry to hear about your mum. It’s heartbreaking isn’t it :frowning:.
My mum passed away at the end of February so like you it’s still very raw. I cry practically all the time.
I can only say it is hard to deal with and if you need to cry then do.
I talk to mum every day and have one of her teddies in bed with me every night.
People say time heals but I’m still waiting for that.
Take care

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Hi sarah,
Sorry to hear about your mum. 69 is too young and she died so quickly that you will still be in shock.
I lost my 74 year old mum last June to a sudden brain haemorrhage. She died a few hours later. The shock is still terrible and mum was my rock. I thought she would live till she was 90.
I cant say that things have got better as such. I still think about her every second of the day and cry most days a little. However I am able to function more now and I’m working full time again, looking after my child and the house and find myself laughing at something on the television sometimes.
The rawness does start to numb a little but I think it could take a couple of years before life feels good again. My advice would be to take each hour as it comes and dont place any expectations upon yourself.
Cheryl x

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Hi Monica, I’m so sorry that you’ve lost your wonderful mum. My mum died last Sept. And it’s been a horrible time, I miss her so Much and especially with this virus I miss calling her as she was always calm. Look after yourself and just take it day by day. This website has been helpful, just to know other people understand exactly what we are going through. Stella x

Hi Sarah, so sorry to hear about yr mum, it’s so horrible. My mum died last Sept and I’ve found it best to just take it day by day. I think time is the only thing that helps. Look after yourself. Stella x

Hi Stella. It is the hardest thing ever. To miss someone so much breaks your heart every day :broken_heart:
She was my life and I really don’t know what to do without her :broken_heart:
When you start crying you really can’t stop, it’s unbearable :broken_heart:
Sorry to hear you lost your mum last year.
I know what you mean about them not being here with all this virus stuff going on.
It’s harder because I can’t go and see my neice and sister who I’m really close to.
Take care