Lost Mum and Dad

Hello, this is my first post here.

I lost my Dad to Cancer in 2012 and my Mum to Dementia in 2022, does anyone have any tips how to cope with the grief?

Thank you for your time fading this…

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Hi it’s only been soon
Since you lost your mum
Try to remember them in the day’s
She was well
Same as your dad think about the good times you had
Just one thing please don’t turn to drink
I did this and ruined my health
So try when you’re stronger
If you have photos look at them
And always talk about them on special occasions
So they are with you always
Take care of yourself
Things will get better
But you still never get over losing your parents


I lost my Mum 8th Aug 23 and Dad 17th Nov 23, Time is our friend they say, Keeping strong and busy and a routine during the waking hours is what works so far focusing on our own lifes and those that we care about during those hours and down time allow all the hurt to flow through and release is what i am doing so far which seems to help, the only issue i have is i do not know who to hurt for the hurt i feel when i think of the loss of both of them together is unbearable and i am rendered useless so i am learning to focus on one parent one day and the other the next day and just hope it will become better in time.