Lost Mum and now Aunt

Hi there

I lost my lovely Mum in the middle of August, I’m really struggling to cope and come to terms with it.
Then ontop of all that, my Aunt was taken into hospital Christmas Day, she was very weak and was skin and bones but we didn’t know what was wrong. I learnt in a busy ward corridor that she had a brain tumour which had spread to her liver and lungs.
We sadly lost her on New Years Day.
Mums passing was as ‘nice’ as it could have been - she literally went to sleep and didn’t wake up, and she was at home.
My Aunt however was in a busy ward, and was working so hard to breathe and she deteriorated so quickly, but her last stage of death was so slow for her and it was so distressing to see.
I’m really really struggling with everything that has happened and I suffer from depression aswell including dark thought and everything else that comes with it.
I feel like I’m heading into a downhill spiral and I don’t know what to do to
to get myself out of it. I have counselling which is so helpful but it’s only once a week.
Has anyone else been in this God awful position and has any words of advice or know of any support groups in the Kent area?

Gratefully appreciated.


I lost my mum in February 2017 and she had a horrible death which she didn’t deserve, although at least she was at home. An awful lot of what you’re feeling sounds normal to me given the circumstances. I’m on anti-depressants which help dull things for me.

I’m sorry I have no advice or words of wisdom for you. Keep coming back to this forum so you know you’re not on your own.