Lost my 13 year old healthy boy

I, I unexpectedly lost my 13 year old boy last week, he was a healthy happy boy. High fever caused him to have a seizure which led to brain damage but the doctors are still unsure what exactly happened. It feels like a bad dream I feel numb, I do t know how to react anymore. I haven’t been home since. I’m not sure how I will continue living. I have 3 other children but I can’t shift this ache in my heart. I want to scream but then I don’t, I want to run in to the busy road but then I know that’s wrong.

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I am sorry the loss of your son. I Know words cannot make you start to feel better, but just to let you know that there is a lots of others that can feel your pain. Just keep talking to your son tell him everything what is going on in your lives good and bad, tell him now much you love him and miss him, you can laugh and cry about the thing you did as a family. It is still early day for you so take every minute at a time. Just keep your family close. X

Hi @Farahhaqz7868,

I am so sorry. This is the hardest loss to bear, and too sudden for words.

You will still be in shock. The only thing I suggest you do is talk, to friends, family members, someone in your community who can help, a spiritual leader who can listen. There will be a chaplaincy at the hospital where your son was treated who will be able to put you in touch with someone who can help. The chaplaincy service at hospitals is usually available 24 hours a day - if you ring this morning I hope they will help you find someone.

I spoke to a hospital chaplain when my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He helped me a lot.

I can only offer you my thoughts and prayers.

Christie xxx

I am so sorry to learn that your son has died. I wish I could help.