Lost my 30 year old daughter in a car accident

I lost my 30years old daughter on 4/12/2020 and I have no help and I just can’t cope

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Mandy, she was so young and we don’t expect to loss our children. It’s a while now and I just wondered if you have had any counselling and what you would think about have it or having some more. It does help lots of people, just someone who understands how you are feeling. Grieving is a lonely place at the best and our love for that special person is always there. I am pleased you found this community because we all help each other and you will find many who like you have lost a daughter. If you fancy having a go at counselling both Sue Ryder and Cruse offer free sessions and from my own personal experience it helped. Sxx

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Hi Mandy,
I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter :cry:
I too lost my daughter in a road crash nearly 7 years ago. It’s absolutely devastating.
You will find lots of love and support on this page. Please post as much as you need to. There will always be someone who will listen.
You are in the very early days of shock and need as much support as possible.
We do unfortunately understand :cry:

My name is rosemary my daughters name is Mandy thank you for answering me x

Hi Mandy,
There is a lot of help out there but I know it’s hard to know where to start. I rang The Compassionate Friends in the early days. They are all bereaved parents so they understand the loss and have lots of information on how to deal with the aftermath. They have support groups too.
Roadpeace is also a helpline for victims and their families of death on our roads of which there are far far too many.
You can private message me if you’d rather.
Liz X

Hi Rosemary
Sorry for the mistake
Liz x

Hi Mandy I lost my beautiful son on the 05/12/2020 my heart is so broken I’ve had some counselling it helped at the time but I’m not in a good place at the min I miss him so so much his friends have all kept in touch with me I wish I could take away your pain no mum should have to feel so empty try to get some help I had mine with maundy they are a charity I think superuser does it as well others on the site will know life is very hard at the minute I don’t go out I don’t see anyone because you just see the pity on there eyes I know you will feel like me I really wish I could help you and you help me take care n I’m sending you the biggest hug I’ll be thinking of you jonathan92 mum Linda

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