Lost my 6 year of boy to cancer

I lost my little boy on Valentine’s Day. I’m so lost and devastated.i jisy cant face life I feel like I’m dying of pain. How do I go on?

Hi there I have never lost a child and I don’t really know how to help but I couldn’t pass by and not speak. I lost my soul mate a week ago and I have screamed, cried, pleaded,made bargains but all to no avail. My brother lost a baby at 3 weeks so I know the devastation. Please try to always have someone with you. Use the help lines and go out even if you don’t want to. I went to an exercise class today, knew no one but it helped for a short time. I’m sending my love and I wish I was God because nobody would suffer grief it’s the cruellest pain imaginable. Hugs xxxxxxx

Hello I am so sorry for your loss. Do you know about The Compassionate Friends? They provide wonderful support to bereaved parents. https://www.tcf.org.uk/

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I am so so sorry for your loss I agree with the posts be with someone my loss is very different but I could not pass your conversation its utterly devastating grief is the lonliest agonising pain no words can describe in my thoughts take care as much as possible Adele x

I’m so sorry that you have lost your son. To lose your child is utterly horrendous isn’t it? My daughter died last August, and while all losses are different, I am able to relate to your complete devastation.
It is just not the order of things and as parents we fix things but cannot fix this.
I have been to a couple of meetings with The Compassionate Friends and found it very helpful. I had no idea how many people were in this situation. They truly understood the feelings of there being no purpose to going on. I genuinely felt some peace for me and my child when I was with them.
I know you are in those deep, dark early weeks and I can only send you hugs and support. Keep posting and reading. It may help. Xxx

I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. Like you I had no idea the pain some people were facing. It’s crippling. I started a compassionate friends and yes it’s good. Just wish there was more! I just want him back. Trying to keep going for his two brothers but struggling x

ive never known pain like this ,im in a place where i cant find a way out,lost my 11 year old daughter nearly 2 years ago 3 months after that my mum passed suddenly my life is shatterd i have no life i just excist

Hello Mozza127, I can’t pretend to know your pain but my heart breaks for you. I have no idea how we start to get over the pain of bereavement. I am sitting in an airport in Ireland having visited my brother hoping it would help and it did for short periods having the company. I have cried all morning at the thought of going home to an empty house. Really wish I wasn’t here. Security woman was very gruff so cried at that. We are in hell. Keep writing it does allow emotions to come out and there are wonderful people on here. God bless K xx

hi,i know how you feel Elle was my best friend and my mum was helping me with my grief,i feel your pain ,life seems so cruel ,ive had twenty counciling sesions feel strong sometimes then i break down,i feel like i going round in circles,ive also been to great ormond street on her birthday ,to see if it helped,hope your ok.

I am so sad for you and totally understand. I lost my 5 year old suddenly and without warning a month ago. I am utterly broken and desperate for her, also still in shock. I guess we take each hour as it comes. I’m doing a lot of walking and screaming. I feel your pain and am thinking of you xxx

I’m so so sorry to hear about your daughter. The pain is unbearable. The only thing keeping me going is walking a lot! Sending you so much strength and love. X

Thank you and back to you too. I have just started walking.