Lost my beautiful mum 9 days ago

Hi all i lost my mum 9 days ago very unexpected she was 60. I found her in bed but it was too late. I miss her so much she wasn’t just a mum she was my best friend and my complete rock she helped me so much with all aspects of my life. She was my 2 childrens second mum they are 3 and 10. I really i really dont know how im gonna cope with it :frowning: i feel like my heart is in pieces i have a constant heavy feeling in my stomach. I honestly cant cry anymore please can anyone give me any advice how to get through this.

Hi Sammy im very sorry for your loss.My advice is this take it day by day have you seen your gp ? also theres Cruse bereavement councilling and theres the Samaritains (i do all 3 )Your nightmare will take twists and turns there isnt a right or wrong way to grieve .This special club has members than understand your pain im sure some of them will contact you soon .Dont be afraid to pm members on here .Also dont be a stranger theres no such thing as a stupid question or statement on here Colin (im 57 my wife passed 04032016 it was her birthday she was 41 )

Thank you for you reply im trying not to think too far ahead and take things day by day. Im having a really angry day today all i keep saying is why?? I know i will never get the answer to that question. I try to tall about the way i feel. Need to focus on looking after my dad as my mum done everything for him. Going to look into bereavement counselling think it will really help me i saw my parents everyday and done loads for them like they did for me and my children. Im devestated my mum had so much more to live for and so much more to see and do. :frowning:

Hi Sammy

So sorry to read about your Mum. I lost my Mum last summer and miss her still so very much. Colin has given you good advice about seeing Doctors etc and they are options worth considering.

To be honest just take one day at a time at the moment. I see you have children and a Dad who needs help and support but don’t forget to look after yourself. It’s great to be helpful but you don’t want to make yourself ill.

Little treats to look forward to each week worked for me though try and keep away from the chocolate! I buy flowers for myself every week as Mum used to. They remind me of her each time i look at them and are cheerful as well. I also go to the cinema sometimes just to be on my own, no one can see if you are upset in the darkness.

Do you have anywhere nearby to go for walks with your children? I walk all the time, thinking time and fresh air plus tires me out so I might get a bit of sleep.

I hope your weekend has gone alright.