Lost my best buddy

My hubby died of cancer 4 months ago. As time goes by I’m finding it harder to cope. He always made everything seem ok. I seem to worry about anything. Gave up work to look after him and have no energy to resume work

Hi there im so sorry to hear about your loss and reading all the other tragic losses im sending a hug your way I lost my soulmate of seventeen years on the 24th of October gone so it was six months Wednesday gone 24th of April I’m heartbreakon destroyed such a empty heavy heart panic anxiety doesn’t seem real or right we had seventeen years together I was 22 when we met my partner 23 passed away in my arms three months before 40th birthday im destroyed mentally and physically my world has been blown apart all our future mapped out dreams and hopes all cruelly tragically ripped away no words can describe the pain and suffering I lost my grandma a few years ago she was old and wanted to go but I was so sad nothing compared to this pain I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy I just want to hold my partners hand go for a walk hear footsteps on the stairs the toilet flush kettle boil anything I’d give even to kiss my soulmate once more on the forehead even in the chapel of rest everyday is getting worse snd painful long days longer nights I’d be being teased about turning 40 next month I just pray im with my partner by then I have nothing to live for we did everything together take care your in my thoughts x