Lost My Best Friend

Hi so. About 2 weeks ago now I lost my best friend Tyler. Its super overwhelming that i’m even typing this out and that I’ve even ended up here. But yeah I’m just lost, I cant cope with the fact that I’m gonna have to spend the rest of my life without him in it. He made up half of my universe and was always there to help me cope. But all of a sudden he’s been taken away from me and Im devasted and broken and ruined. I keep thinking that it has to be some sort of joke, that he’s gonna knock on my door and it’ll be okay. If only that was the case right?:pensive:

Hi Salem, I am very sorry that you have your soulmate has gone. So many post on here say the same thing and it was when my soulmate went. Looking out for him or hearing him speak when I asked a question are very difficult to use to. Take each day, one at a time and look after yourself particularly with the world as it is. I will be thinking of you. xx

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