Lost my big brother suddenly and unexpectedly


I lost my older brother (30) (im 26) 3 weeks ago. We have no answers as to what happened and may never find out. He was my best friend and played a huge part in my life growing up with divorced parents. As well as my brother, he played a parental role in my life. I haven’t even started to process what is happening as have been supporting other family members through this (our mum and his pregnant wife and their 2 year old). I was living in Paris for 4 years and have decided to come back to my family home to help my grieving mother and family members. I feel like this is too much to handle and feel like I’m drowning and there is no way out. Struggling a lot ! :heart:

I’m so sorry for your loss.
I can imagine your pain and heartache.
I lost my husband 14 weeks ago and my whole world has turned upside down and inside out. The pain and heartbreak is indescribable.

There is no easy answer to your struggle
but keep posting on here. We are all here for each other and we all understand the hell that is grief.
I have been on this forum for a while now and it really helps. You can say whatever you want, rant if youlike, no one will judge you. Just support you.

Sending you big hugs x

Hi lucy
I am so sorry for your loss, your brother was so young, and for his wife and child it must also be terrible, and your poor mum. I have experienced sudden and unexpected death with my mum and its awful. Initially its just shock and disbelief, waiting for answers and explainations that do not also come. For me its been 3 months now. To be honest its been a blur, and for me the shock caused me so much anxiety which was all i could focus on. Slowly the anxiety has improved and i have started to accept things. I miss her terribly but cannot do anything to change it which is really hard. In my experience you will start to process things but for now its really early days and what you are feeling is totally normal. If you want to chat please message me

I am so sorry for your loss.

I lost my sister in March after a road traffic accident and also really struggled to express how I felt as I was supporting my dad, brother and nephew.

Please remember the good times you had together and hang on in there. It does get slightly easier with time.

Take time for yourself and try and talk with someone close to you but outside the immediate family circle. This definitely helped me as I could express myself without worrying about how the other person was feeling