Lost my brother

Lost my brother on the 17th of December he had a mental disability and i looked after him for 15 years also mum who has Alzimers whos now in care, the last 3 years me and my brother moved into a new build house where we made it our own but now hes gone im struggling with work and home life abd i just dont know what to do

Hello, I am so pleased you have found our site because everyone on here as loss someone special and you are not alone. What a dreadful situation you are in after losing your brother and your mum in care it may feel that both have left you.
It will be difficult at present to see any positives in your situation and feeling alone and not knowing how to deal with the future is common for us all on this journey of grief. It takes time to work out how to manage from day to day. Just take small steps and try not to think to hard because your feelings change in minutes and your emotions are all over the place. We are all here for you and please take care of yourself. S xx

One of the problems i have is ppl saying you need to get over it and its life and stop moaning around the house yesi get that and i know there trying to help but it feels like there pushing and not helping

They just don’t understand and have never been through this awful experience. I think most of us on here have had the same problem with friends and relatives. My own sister who lost her husband many years ago said to me people don’t like you if you go around sad an not wanting to take part in things so get over it, I was devastated by her comments and will never forget. It makes you feel even more alone and I have to admit I don’t see her as often due to her lack of compassion.
It’s difficult to ignore but I now think I have had such love and wonderful championship from my soulmate which I know they have not had, so somehow it’s ‘one up man ship’ sorry but it’s the only way I can ignore those comments. Keep safe S xx