Lost my brother

Hi. My younger brother passed in September. He was admitted to hospital on 10th September and in life support on 11th September. We lost him on 13th September. It’s been very difficult to deal with. He’s on my mind every day and at night when I go to bed he’s on my mind. I feel that if someone talks to me about him I would cry so I avoid talking about him. In the main my heart just hurts. I don’t know what to do anymore

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Hi @Cath1,

I am so sorry for your loss. I know about losing a brother. The death of my brother was overshadowed by the death of my husband 5 months later, so it kinda feels like unfinished business. My brother died a horrible death from cancer of the pancreas whereas my husband’s death was sudden.

We are a large family, 8 of us kids and losing one feels like there’s a piece of the jigsaw missing. There’s a hole where it should be, a big Patrick hole. As a family, we tried to make his final few months as fulfilled as they could be and yet we still feel like we could have done more. I suppose it’s what family is all about.

So Cath, don’t be so hard on yourself; it’s right that your brother is on your mind day and night; surely we owe them that much. Don’t be afraid to cry. Why shouldn’t we? We’ve lost a very important part of our lives, someone we grew up with, someone we played with as children. There will come a time when you can remember your brother with smiles and laughter rather than with tears; I know I do. x


I lost my younger sister over 2 years ago to brain cancer very sudden and totally unexpected. I still think about her every day especially on a night and the pain is still as raw, I stil cry too.I don’t want to say its early days, it gets easier because its doesn’t you just get used to getting on with things better whilst feeling the loss.

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Hi Cathy, soo sorry to hear you lost your brother, it’s very difficult. I lost my younger brother, my best friend, on Christmas day last year. Needless to say I am consumed by sadness, I could cry all the time and dreading Christmas day. Peter walked into hospital and four weeks later he was dead, so I know how difficult it is to deal with the suddenness of loosing a loved one. I’m glad I have found this forum as I live alone, I’m sure we can help and support each other. It’s soo nice to meet you.:heart:

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