Lost my dad 46 weeks after my husband

I really don’t think I can cope with anymore lose my husband died 3rd September 2020 from cancer and now my dad 22nd July 2021 from cancer life is so cruel x

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I am so sorry Mandy. Losing someone to cancer is hard enough without having to go through it again so soon, I have lost my dad and husband (10years apart) and I just feel so lost without the two important men in my life. One was to cancer the other sudden and unexpected. I don’t know how life can be so cruel, but it is. Take each day breath by breath and accept help from whoever offers support. You can sign up for counselling here and with Cruse. Keep posting, people will support you. Sending hugs

Mandy3 I know where you are coming from, I lost my Mum 22nd Oct 19 then my Husband suddenly 3 weeks later and I have now lost my Dad 8 weeks ago. You just feel where is it all going to end :cry: