Lost my dad less than a week after finding out he had cancer

I lost my dad in the 21st January to cancer and I cannot get my head around the fact I won’t see him again and that life moves on. I keep expecting him to call up to the house


That feeling will go on for much longer I’m afraid.my mum died 8 months ago from a sudden brain haemorrhage and I still expect to see her at home if I’m honest
It still doesn’t feel real that she has gone.
Cheryl x

It’s heartbreaking isn’t it I’m finding this so hard

It is very hard. I’m sorry you are having to go through this over the loss of your dad. Coming up to 6 months for me now since I lost my mum and it still doesn’t quite make sense. I keep trying to get my head around what’s happened. Every now and then I just realize all over again that I’m never going to talk to or see her again. Forever is a tough word at times like this in so many ways.

I’m sorry for your loss. Saying or thinking you will never see someone again makes the pain worse

Shaun73 that was exactly how I felt when I lost my Dad almost 2 years ago, I would get this overwhelming realisation every day that I would never see or talk to him again, it was a physical sensation like a wave crashing over me!! My Mum has now been given weeks to live but I suspect from how quickly she is deteriorating that it will be less, I am scared of feeling that pain again!! Feeling incredibly sad and helpless

Oh my God I feel for you I really do I’m so sorry to hear that about your mum :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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HelenR, You describe it right, waves of realisation is what it is. Things normal most of the time and then a weird feeling and thoughts of loss all over again at random times. Things have got better over the weeks and months but those thoughts still keep repeating. It’s not nice.
I am so sorry to hear about your mum, that is terrible news indeed. There is nothing I can say to help you through the coming weeks except that you know we are all here for you to talk to as much as you like. Life can just be so cruel and unfair can’t it?

Thank you Shaun73 x

Helen R you’ve got the nail on the head with saying you get waves of realisation, it has hit me that I won’t see my dad again and I’m in floods of tears. I feel for you so much with what your going through right now with your mum. I’m so so sorry.

I used to think that when you lost someone that people would check on you to make sure your ok, how wrong was I, I’ve noticed a massive drop off in communication from so called friends and family