Lost my dad(my hero)

Hi, I’ve just joined here. Not really sure how this can help. I feel so lost. Lost my dad in September 2020. It was very unexpected. I struggle every day to paint a smile on my face. I wake up in tears because of dreams I have many every night. Does anyone suffer with dreams constantly.?

Hi julian, I’m so sorry to hear the loss of your dad, I lost my mum this July so it’s still very raw, got lots of guilt & anger for different reasons, can’t seem to focus on anything other than getting through each day as it comes, still got the funeral to go through yet, I’ve not had any dreams about mum yet, (wish I had) so I could feel close to her, I feel so lost, the days are a challenge as everyone around seems to just be getting on with their lives as they would do, this forum does help to know other people are going through the same challenges & it comforting, I do hope you can stay strong, keep chatting on here there’s always someone around, you are in my thoughts, stay in touch
Lynn x

Thanks lynn.sorry to hear of your loss, it’s tough. I will try it here for a while to see if it helps. I’ve only had a few dreams about my dad to be honest and they felt so real. This is my problem as my dreams are so very real, it’s hard to know what real and isn’t when I actually wake up. There are hard times still to come. I personally feel like a different person. Guilt , anger, confusion are all there :disappointed:

I honestly believe I will never be the person I was before mum passed away it’s as though a part of me went with her which I hope is true so she isn’t on her own that just seems very comforting, you never can truly feel how great a liss is till its someone so close its really hit me hard, hopefully I will see & hear mum in time, hopefully her spirit will visit, it’s one thing that keeps me going, keep talking on here I do hope it helps you
Lynn x

I feel like that Julian
I dream about my Dad and it dominates my day, I feel still in the dream. And also find it awful waking up as I want to stay with him. We are all here for each other

Hi Claire, thank you. I know what you mean. The dreams I’ve had with my dad in then I’ve not wanted to wake up. But I actually don’t want to go to sleep as the nightmares are horrific, broke my toes last week while asleep because I kicked out at someone in my dream and woke in agony as it was my wall I actually kicked. And yes, they upset me for the day sometimes too. And what Lynn said about part of her dying. Totally agree, I used to be life of a party, but that person in me died with my dad.

Hi claire , julian, I’ve not yet had a single dream about mum, she is in my thoughts all day, I would so love to know she is ok & at peace :pensive: a few days before she passed away she reached out at least twice that we noticed, & she spoke about her own mum & shouted for her, they say you see the persons who have passed before you, I would love to know she is now with her own mum in heaven :two_hearts: one thing I do hope is that she tries to let us know she is ok, I’ve never believed in the afterlife, but till now never lost someone so close, hope you all stay strong & keep talking we are here for each other
Lynn x

I lost my Dad very suddenly , he was just 66. I had a dream 3 months after he passed, the night before my sons birthday. It was so vivid and I got up instantly in the middle of the night to write it all down. I felt he was visiting me. In the dream I showed him where he was buried and he held my arm and told me he had to go. I got great comfort from this and pray for more dreams xxx


Hi Julian. I am so sorry for your loss. My dad passed away in Nov 2018 even now i still have dreams. At the beginning they was every night and always what i call the bad things, before i could get the really good things and times we shared together. I don’t think the dreams will ever end but for me now they are not every night, sometimes not every week. xxx I hope this helps. xxx