Lost my dad recently

Hi all im in my 20s and i have lost my dad recently still feels unreal and continue to try make contact by phone i had the closest relainship with him and did all i coukd but i worked and live over 3hours away i feel angry and extreme gulit that i didnt do more to keep him here and wondering when dose this go away dose anyone else feel this ??

Hi. You’re not alone. I too felt responsible for keeping my Dad safe and alive. I feel guilty that I felt like I took my foot off the gas. He told me though that he needed to live his life and not worry so much. I bet you were a wonderful daughter. “If the scar is deep then so was the love” x

Hi thank u it just dose not seem to matter what anyone says i feel so hurt and bad that i should of done more and dont kmow what to do i have also started with nightmares thinking im hearing/seeing him xx