Lost my dad suddenly

I lost my dad 6 months ago really suddenly, I don’t think I’ve fully accepted that he’s gone and out of no where it’ll hit me all over again like it just happened. It’s also strange that people around you kinda forget that it’s happened to you so I find it hard to talk to anyone about how I’m feeling when it comes up and find that if I go out or have a drink it’ll all come out. Would be good to know if this is the same as anyone else

Hi Kerry I’m exactly the same. Some days it feels like my mum is still there and when I remember she’s not it’s like finding out all over again. It can be hard to talk to people who haven’t experienced that loss as it’s like they feel awkward talking about it as they don’t know what to say. This page has really helped me as a lot of people can relate to how you are feeling. You aren’t alone :heart:

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Hi Kerry, I am in the same place as you, my dad passed away from heart failure in feb suddenly. I have managed to keep my head up but just recently it has hit my like a ton of bricks and it feels people have moved on and you don’t want to bring them down by talking to them. It’s so hard to talk and my partner just thinks it’s all about him when I’m down. I feel so lost

Hi tonif30, lauraeve and kerrym239,

Also in a similar situation. My mum died suddenly of a major brain haemorrhage 3 months ago.
How has she been gone 3 months? It feels like I saw her yesterday. I cry on and off all day every day.
People were do supportive and listened for the first few weeks. Now i find i avoid them all because i feel awkward crying in front of them or showing how devastated i still am.
My partner who has been wonderful is getting tired of the constant sadness. He wants to start enjoying life together again and i just cant.
I miss my mum so much that i have no idea how i have lived for almost 14 weeks without her x

Thank you everyone for letting me know it’s not just me, I’m so sorry to hear about all of your loses. It is so hard to even describe almost wish there was an easy step to feel normal again. But hopefully we can all talk to each other on our down days :slight_smile:

Hi Kerry, I totally get how you are feeling, I lost my dad 3 weeks ago suddenly. I’m at a stage where I am comfortable talking but other people seem to get uncomfortable. Some days I feel on top of my s*** and every night I’m not. Please keep sharing what’s on your mind. It’s really hard to adapt to life without a big piece of your heart broken but interestingly no one knows what the hell we are going through until they experience it too.

I cry later and later at night for my dad. I now lie in bed crying every night. My dad was easily called a survivor right up until a sudden cardiac arrest took him away 3 weeks ago. It’s so hard trying to adapt to life without him; without hearing his voice

I was exactly the same I found watching videos or looking at photons a bit earlier in the day to get it out helps with sleeping and it is so hard I really don’t think life will ever be the same again

This is what I’m doing at the min I dread bed time that’s when It’s the worse time nothing to do to distract me. Just laid their thinking and crying xx