Lost my Dad to cancer, 8 months ago.

I am completely new to this, I don’t even know where to start. I lost my dad on the 1st May to Prostate Cancer, he had a long battle of 3 and a half years, 8 months on and it is still really raw. I always thought that when the day comes I’d be prepared because I know what’s coming but I was so wrong! Me and my dad was best friends and no one fully understand what it’s like to be without him. I miss him.

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I understand what your going through, I have lost all my Immediate family. You are never prepared for such great loss. Cancer is a horrid disease I watch my mum deteriorate very fast in March. It’s a very very heart wrenching time x

hi SamieJayne
very sorry for the loss of your dad,sadly there is no time limit on grief and things that may help one cope with the situation they may not help others,we all deal with the tragic lose of a loved over very differently.at times it helps a tad if we have other very close relatives to offer support especially if they were very close to the loved one who passed.heres hoping you find ways to get through each and every day and you get the comfort and support you need.

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