Lost my dad to Covid, unexpectedly and still quite young

I have a ten year old brother, a 14 year old brother, a beautiful mum, and a dad that passed away from covid. We all got the virus as my mum worked in a carehome, my dad had to go to the hospital after his symptoms worsened. He was there for about a week or so before they had to turn his ventilator off. I am heartbroken. Just a week before it all we were fine playing in the garden. He was intellectual, had the biggest heart, so much love to give to our family. We just moved back to the uk few years ago to have more family time. My heart feels like its been shattered and trampled on. My beautiful dad had to go through pain. The virus deprived him of oxygen. Leaving so many people that loved him heart broken. We were so close and I love him so much. I want to wake up for it to all be a nightmare.


I send you my heart, hug and prayers, my wife passed 19 6 20 of corvid related problems that were increased by Helen having other underlying issues. Be strong.

My dad was 56, I really never expected him to go. I miss him so much.
I send my thoughts to you too, and hope we find the strength through this pain to forever love them and never forget then.

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So sorry to hear of your loss. My amazing dad also died due to Covid. It was a painful death which I still cannot talk about. He was older than your dad so I am grateful that we got to spend more time with him and feel sad you have all been deprived of your dad at such an early age. Please keep posting here whenever you need to.

hi Jasmine
im very sorry for the loss of your dad.
I hope you can get and give support ,comfort and love to your mum and both your brothers.
please dont hold in your emotions and be there when your mum and brothers emotions run amok.its not something you can prepare for or fully comprehend the devastating affect it can have on a family when a parent passes.its still very early days and your emotions will be all over the place.i hope and pray that you will all find ways to face this very sad time in your lives and people on this site are here as and when you need to release your emotions and seek a bit of help or comfort.please look after your self and your family.
regards ian

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Prayers & Thoughts :pray:t5::pray:t5::innocent::hugs: