Lost my dad

Hi new here lost my dad aug 2020 massive shock and not expected he was our best friend so kind caring etc how do you get through this? Miss him so much feel guilty eating the things he liked going places etc


Hello, new here too, so sorry for your loss, I also lost my dear dad March 2019.
Unsure how all this works, but I’m hoping to make some connections and friends to share our grief, and to learn to feel ok about it. Sorry to rabble on! Take care of yourself.
Lynda xx


You can rabble no problem here to talk its the wirst feeling losing a parent isnt it tha k you sorry for your loss x


I’m new here too . I lost my lovely dad on 18th May 2021. I also lost my partner 7 years ago but losing my dad has been unbearable and so difficult to accept . I’m so sorry for your loss of your dad’s.
Helen x

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