Lost my dad

This is my first time using anyrhing like this.

Earlier this year my dad suffered a heart attack and required a triple heart bypass, this surgery was successful and in march returned home to my mum (my family all live near manchester, im in london) i visit them a lot and have siblings there too, so im alone a lot here.

Unfortunately my dad fell ill again on 10th june and was taken into hospital. He passed away 5 days later from multi organ failure.

Thankfully all of the family were with him when he passed.

His funeral was last week and i was there supporting my mum.

Since returning south ive been finding it a struggle to cope with the grief.

Today is 1 month since his passing


Mate I can tell you this,nothing anyone can say or do for you will ease the grief that you feel, the best place to be right now is with your family and forget any thoughts of a tough guy act, now is the time to be truthfull and tell your people how you feel and listen to them when they tell you how they feel, only with your family can you make any sense of this.
Somehow get some time off work, these early days and months can determine how you deal with this in the future.