Lost my dad

Dear all,
I have recently lost my father to lymphoma and would like to get in touch with people in similar circumstances for support. I live in Leeds and willing to meet in a focus group or to message.


Hi Santosh and welcome to the Sue Ryder Online Community.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve recently lost your dad and hope you are able to find some support and comfort on this site. While you wait for more replies to this post, you may find it helpful to read and reply to some other conversations in the Losing a Parent section: https://support.sueryder.org/community/losing-parent

take care

Hi! I lost my husband to lymphoma 4 and a half years ago. He had always been healthy and was involved in lots of things before he became ill. Then he had an infection in one of his salivary glands which would not clear up - it took them ages to diagnose his lymphoma, and then took them ages again to treat it. It was a very difficult time and I am still devastated by his death. He was 70 when he died - he had just had his birthday.
I am always questioning what is was that could have caused this disease - he was active, slim, and ate well.
Tell me something about the circumstances surrounding your dad’s death.
Thanks Annette P