Lost my dad

My dad died suddenly last year in november, he was 48 we all thought it was a heart attack, to find out he tripped and fell in his home which caused a blood clot on the brain. I found him in the passage and I dont think I can ever get over seeing him in that way it was so traumatising. I was very close to him and seen him nearly everyday it is a complete shock still. I feel like no one understands and as the months go on, it only gets worse I am truly heart broken. How do people cope? I am 22 and still had so many more memories to create with him.

My dad passed away over 9 years ago, he was only 54 and had only just retired.

I cried every single day for 2 - 3 years and even now it is painful to think about him passing.

How to cope?

The pain never really goes away but with time it will feel less sharp and whilst your heart may remain broken over time you will start to only think of the warm memories and not the injustice and hurt you feel with this grief.

The NHS offers Grief Counseling or did when I was suffering from the acute pain of my dad passing. Speak to your local GP and see if you can see a Grief Counselor . I believe they provide a number of sessions which will help - you can speak to someone who you don’t know who will listen and help you through the pain.

Surround yourself with your best friends , look at photos of the happy times and cherish the love your father had for you.

Thank you for your reply, I am sorry for your loss. Its just horrendous knowing I have to live the rest of my life without him, I hope within time the pain gets a bit more bearable but its so hard now. I am on the waiting list for counselling, just waiting to hear back. Thank you for your advice x

I hope you are ok. Such a terrible way to find your lovely dad. I am grieving myself, I lost my dad In January just. Can’t believe he has gone xxx