Lost my darling soul mate 07/08/19

I miss her so much every second of the day… The silence is deafining.
I have family and friends around me but they just don’t understand the void, the grief. I just want to be with her again. Why does it have to be like this.
Each morning I wake up disappointed I’m still here.

Hi there Mark I lost my wife Jane last November we were married 44 years last Friday after 9 months it is a lonely path I tread what relatives and friends have or had don’t want to know I am on my own except for my little dog so you are lucky having someone.
It is difficult without them especially when you have been a team for so many years.
I to wish I could join Jane ,I know when my time comes she will be waiting for me try to keep your wife’s memory alive as I do with Jane and if you are a believer you may find a visitation possible I have as posted on here before.
Hope you find peace my friend as I do I think the only time I will do that is when I see her again.
Sorry not much consolation but hang in there be it alone or with company she is there with you
. MM69

Hi mark,
I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your soulmate. I lost my husband at the end of June to cancer and struggle very much with the silence in the house. I looked after my husband 24 / 7 and the change in routine afterwards was so different.
I have a small amount of friends and family around me but they mean well and try to help but they can’t. They don’t understand how we feel because they have not experienced it themselves. I feel so empty and tearful and can’t often see the point in the future. The nights and weekends are the most painful for me.
The best support I get is from the lovely people on here who are experiencing the same feelings. It does help to talk so please keep posting. You can talk about anything on here and somebody will understand. Maybe you would like to tell us more about your soulmate. Please take care
Emma x

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Very common question Mark, I’ve woken in tears asking am I still here?
My soulmate was a much better person than me, she worked as a nurse for 30 years, why did God take her when she was only 61 years old and leave me to suffer, were we being punished?
I try to deal with it by knowing that she lives on in me, my 21 years with her made me a better person. I believe the everlasting life referred to in the Bible isn’t just in heaven, good people live on in the hearts of those whose lives they changed.
I know my sweetheart is watching over me, I’ve seen the signs. Each day I pray for strength and to be allowed to perform one good deed to honour her memory.
It’s surprisingly easy to find at least one good act to perform for someone else, I don’t even have to look now, the more I do it the easier God makes it for me.
Honouring my Rhonda this way makes me feel better and helps someone else.
Take care, Carl.

Hi Thank you for taking the time to reply… The visitations you talk about I’m desperate to see… I do feel Carolyn is around me but we just can’t talk to each other like normal.

Hi Mark the visitations I have had 3 in total have all been verbal not by sight 2 have been Jane calling out to warn me of danger the other words from a lady whose words sounded like Jane.
Janes ashes are buried in her home village churchyard some 17 miles away from home I try to take fresh flowers every 8-10 days I asked for them to be buried there but the strange part of it all is I feel her presence more at home than I do there.
Keep listening hopefully there will be signs for you as I have had ,yes I am a believer not just imagining things.
Kind regards MM69

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