Lost my daughter 23 to suicide

I so need to be with her it hurts, I feel lost sad lonely devestated angry. I’ve lost my best mate.

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So sorry…I lost my beautiful son in April to suicide. He just turned 26. It’s utterly devastating isn’t it? I have no words of comfort that will help. Nothing helps. I’m starting counselling soon but don’t think it will help. I just want him back. No one can do that for me. It’s agony

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Due to my daughter having mental health problems I know a lot about mental health. I myself have anxiety before this but know I feel like I don’t want to be here.
Some therapy helps people but I don’t trust the mental health services.
I don’t know how to to through this.
Or even if I want to.

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Just finding too much and not coping

I’m so sorry Vicki. The pain is horrendous and no one can take it away. We have no choice but to walk this road. But I was told we have to fight to survive, every day we have to take the decision that we will get through it. Life has changed for us for ever and that’s scary. I lost my son in July and I can’t imagine living without him so I just think about today. I might not see tomorrow so I don’t dwell on it today. Keep talking to anyone who is willing to listen. Talk about your daughter all the time, keep her memory in your life. Take care x

Hi I have also lost a daughter and have posted. I am just coping by living day to day and just getting up and breathing. If I can do that I can survive the next day x

To all on this thread,
We lost our son last December so nearly a year now and no it’s not been easy,but there is only one way to go and that’s onward and that’s for the sake of your family the one your son or daughter has had to leave behind…
The grief you are feeling was the love you had for them in life,so that grief will never die if it did then the love you felt for them as gone also…it’s like everything in life you learn to cope no matter how hard it is.
I am just thankful I had my son in my life, I just wish it had been forever…
Love to all of you…take care…Marina

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So sorry for everyone. I lost my daughter suddenly in August. It is the most shocking, horrendous and painful experience isn’t it?
I too cannot imagine the rest of my life without my child, and at times I want to go with her, however I know what effect losing her has had on everyone.
People who are a bit further on with this journey tell me that the eventually the grief no longer suffocates you. It is always there but becomes bearable. I so hope this is true.
I do appreciate the time I had with my daughter but I am so sad for her suffering, her loss of future, and I miss her so much.
I am continually told to be kind to myself as I’m sure you all are too but has anyone worked out what this means?
Love and hugs to you all. X

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I’m sorry for your loss of your daughter. I too cry for the future my son has lost, for the wedding we won’t have, the children he won’t have. The enormity of the pain and loss is awful. But the reality is we have to keep going in life, to not do so would put even more pain on our families. I don’t know what be kind to ourselves means. Maybe don’t try to do to much at a time and don’t assume we will be able to do what we use to do. Our bodies have taken an awful shock and we have to heal slowly. Thinking of everyone and hope we all get through today x

Thankyou everyone for replying i can’t see forward, the awful way see died and how she must have been so frightened I can only feel deep distress and the thoughts going through my head also all the negative feelings. I hope I will get through this but I feel nothing for my future at the moment.

Hi Vicki
I can understand exactly how you feel,my son’s death was sudden and so unexpected…he also was on his own when he died and I too can’t help thinking did he know he was dying was he frightened?..then like you say there are the negative thoughts…I should have been there…why did I not go sooner to see him… why why and there is the if’s, if I had done this, if I had done that and so it goes on…You will get through this,you have to,we all have to…I don’t think any of us can see a future,
that went with the death of our child but there will be some kind of a future in time, not as we used to know but different…
Be brave …I know it so hard, but there are many of us on this sight and we are all trying to get through this as best as we can…
Take care…thinking of you…Marina xxx

Vicki I lost my niece at 23 to suicide. I’ve watchex my brother grieving since and now he talks to me since I lost my son. He tells me life as I knew it is over. We have started a new way of living. Not one that we want or will enjoy. I think it’s a bit like being diagnosed with an incurable illness. We have to live with it until we die, however short or long a time that maybe. If we have other children then they have to be our reason for going forward. We owe it to them to be here for them and do our best for them. It’s not easy, it never will be. But others are doing it do there has to be a way. Hugs to all x

It’s so sad all the people on here are or suffered loss of their child due to suicide or any other illness. We are meant to go first as parents and expect to see our babies grow up to have family’s of their own etc.
Thankyou to those who replied it means a lot to know I’m not alone with these feelings and thoughts. But also sorry your all living with this too. My Lauren hung her self but didn’t die immediately but went into cardiac arrest then coma she suffered for another week in hospital. She should have been kept safe on a mental health ward and 10 minutes obs but they had a meeting which ran on so they was late !!!
She was a gental caring loving person too kind for this horrid world. Even on the mental health ward she helped others who where struggling or upset. My baby is no longer suffering but it’s jusy too damn hard to keep going.